Why You Better Go to Bed Early


The department of neurology conducted a research on the connection between your health and the time you go to bed and wake up again. More than 430,000 people participated in this study that lasted about 6.5 years.

The results of this study showed that people who stay up late at night get sick more often, have more problems with their metabolism and are more likely to have CVD (cardiovascular disease). The night owls were also more likely to suffer from diabetes, neurological disorders, stomach and intestinal problems and respiratory disorders. On contrary, people who often went to bed early and woke up early in the morning had a lot less trouble.

Now, you do not have to worry right away because you had to work for one week for extended hours. We were talking about people who went to bed late for a long time and often stayed in bed late. Nevertheless, you can better maintain your normal sleep rhythm even during the weekends.

With a social jetlag, you stay awake longer on the weekends than on weekdays and then stay in your bed longer. With this, we are confusing our sleep rhythm. The medical center in Amsterdam has linked social jetlag to poorer metabolism and a greater risk of diabetes. Also, it might affect our mental health in the long run. Especially, young people suffer more from depression when they stay in the bed for extended hours.


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