Dangers to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight Fast

With obesity being such a concern in today’s society, many people try to lose weight fast to become healthier (or more “attractive” according to media). However, in doing so, people may do more harm than good to their overall health and well-being. When making changes to your weight, here are the dangers to avoid when trying to lose weight fast:

1. Starvation

When trying to lose weight, many people will make the mistake of starving themselves. By not eating enough, people put themselves at risk for wasting muscles and fainting. In extreme cases, people can die from consuming too little in an effort to lose weight. People who starve themselves may also have an eating disorder, such as bulimia (purging), so medical attention should be sought.

2. Dehydration

To lose weight, many people may limit the intake of fluids, such as water. They may also expose themselves to heat to encourage the weight loss. This dangerous practice does not help with an actual fat loss because by depriving yourself of water, your body will actually try to retain as much water as possible.

3. Too Much Exercise

When trying to lose weight, many people will exercise beyond their capability right from the beginning. However, while doing so, the body may not get enough time to repair itself. Exercising for too many hours a day puts pressure on connective tissue and joints. To avoid developing harmful conditions, such as arthritis, it is recommended to start with low-intensity workouts and gradually increase to high-intensity over time.

4. Diet Pills

For many people looking to take a shortcut with weight loss, diet pills are the popular choice. Unfortunately, diet pills are often much more dangerous and less effective. Diet pills are often either a stimulant (a substance that quickens the functional activity of a part or organ or a vital process) or a diuretic (a medicinal element that encourages the amount of urine relieved). Using stimulants can put people at high-risk of complications because of the strain on the heart. Although diet pills may help people during a short-term period, the weight will quickly return once they are no longer taken.

5. Surgery

Many people trying to lose weight may turn to surgery, such as gastric bypass or liposuction, as a shortcut. However, because of the risks involved, surgery should only be considered for emergency situations. It should be noted that even after having surgery, people can still gain back the weight if they do not take care of themselves.

6. Fad Diets

Many fad diets are dangerous because of how they encourage fast results. In many cases, they just do not work, and it is better to observe your eating habits and exercise regularly over an extended period of time. Unfortunately, with many fad diets, you will lose money instead of weight.

Although losing weight is a healthy decision to make, learning about the dangers of trying to lose weight will better equip you to do so safely to enjoy longterm results.

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