Anti-Aging Tips for a Healthy Skin

anti aging remedies

Aging might be a natural and irreversible process but, we can use newly discovered skin care techniques to slow down the aging of the skin. If you are determined to slow down this aging, you can be successful by following the tips included in this article.

Some of the leading causes and how they can be overcome are shown below.

Sun Damage

Unprotected exposure to direct sunlight is the number one cause of premature aging. Over the years, sunlight can cause irreversible changes to your skin. You should protect yourself from sun damage by the judicious use of sunscreen on the exposed areas. Many makeup companies offer products that come with sun protection. You can use these before going outside. You can also reduce the exposure to sunlight by wearing a hat or an umbrella when you go outside during the day.

Free Radicals

These tiny molecules cause even more damage than sunlight because they work from the inside out. They are created in our bodies due to the pollution around us and due to bad diet. A high-fat diet or junk foods can increase your free radicals. These free radicals are one of the major causes of premature aging. We can fight them by increasing the number of antioxidants inside our body.

Vitamin A and E are excellent antioxidants and we can choose a diet which is rich in these vitamins. Colorful fruits and vegetables also contain good quantities of these antioxidants. Prevention is better than cure so you can reduce free radicals by reducing your exposure to pollutants and carcinogens.

Chemical Buildup

You should try and cut back on the artificially made makeup and skin care products. These chemicals are not good for you and prolonged exposure to these chemicals can accelerate premature aging. These chemicals can get deposited in our organs and can cause problems later on in life. You can stick to all-natural skin care products and makeup. Instead of deodorants use essential oils and naturally scented creams. You should also shower daily to wash away the chemicals that are sticking to your skin.

Dead Skin Cells

You can remove the layers of dead skin cells and promote the growth of newer and much fresher skin by a process called exfoliation. The commonly used exfoliation techniques improve the circulation in your skin and help leach out the chemicals from your lymph nodes. Most of these techniques can be carried out during our bath or shower.

Using a weekly body scrub once a, drying yourself with a scratchy towel, using a skin brush with rough bristles before shower, using a loofah while you are in the bath are all good way to exfoliate yourselves.

Low Hydration Levels

You should drink enough water to maintain good hydration levels during the day. Doctors suggest 8-10 glasses of water for an adult. Of course, the actual amount depends on your living and work conditions and your specific body type. You should also avoid alcohols as they are natural dehydrating agents. Doctors suggest a rule of thumb to calculate the amount of water that you should drink daily. The number of glasses (250 ml) that you need to drink can be obtained by dividing your weight by 8.

If you try and follow the tips mentioned in this article, you can significantly slow down the process of aging of your skin. And with a healthy and youthful appearance, you will look and feel years younger.

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